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Always Leave It To Qualified Professionals When It Comes To Your Home And Health!

The team of Newham pest  control experts never fail to deliver fully efficient services because we know a little secret! Quality pest removal is not about spraying as much of the strongest chemicals as possible - it requires assessment of the nature of the infestation, be it crawling, flying insects or rodents. Our pest control company offers services specifically tailored to your home's individual needs- that's the key to our success.

What Makes Us The Most Recommended Pest Control Company In Newham?

We do not put profit over quality! The employees working for us, both 'field agents' and customer service representatives, always strive to win the client's trust and confidence in our work. That is why we offer:

- An option to request one or more services via our website form.
- A detailed inspection of your property in the E13 area, with respect to your privacy of course!
- Service by trained and experienced professionals who know not only how to get rid of pests, but also how to treat customers!
- The responsible use of tested products that have been supplied by a verified source.

AND We always make sure we leave your home equipped and ready to withstand a future pest invasion. We want you to feel safe and secure in your property, as for us the UK pest control industry is not just a money-grab!

Pest Exterminator Newham


"Are pesticides the best solution for my pest infestation?"

Our company takes the use of chemical products seriously and that is why we apply a gentle approach. We absolutely do not approve of aggressive methods, that have harmful effects to your home. Whenever possible, we use environmentally friendly techniques on the premises. Nonetheless, insecticides and rodenticides are to this day the most efficient pest control method which, if used properly and with caution, gives your home an incomparable advantage in the fight against unwanted visitors. With all that said, our company also firmly believes in pesticide awareness and education.

 The Use Of Pesticides In Your Home And Garden


Newham - our home

Newham is one of the more controversial London Boroughs, but it's a great embodiment of important political and social topics. In fact, Newham is the most ethnically diverse area in England and Wales! The local residents also don't happen to be big fans of the Newham council. A perfect example of this disputation is the issue with Queens Market 2015 in the area. The authorities are planning to redevelop the place, but the people have other plans of their own. Newham is an exciting community to be apart of!

Newham Areas We Work With, In Alphabetical Order: Beckton, Canning Town, Custom House, Cyprus, East Ham, Forest Gate, Little Ilford, Manor Park, Maryland, Mill Meads, North Woolwich, Plaistow, Plashet, Silvertown, Stratford, Stratford City, Stratford Marsh, Stratford New Town, Temple Mills, Upton, Upton Park, Wallend, West Ham

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